The Cloud Can Make You A Real-Time Accounting Service

According to Panalitix, nine in 10 business owners (93%) said they wanted a “Real Time Accountant,” meaning they prefer working closely with an accounting professional who offers proactive, forward-looking advice based on “real time” financial information, instead of analyzing and providing reactive guidance based on old data.

Real Time Accountants can separate themselves from the pack by taking advantage of cloud-based accounting software. Financial data is always up-to-date when you collaborate with clients in the cloud, enabling you to be a trusted advisor who can identify issues before they arise.

Sixty-two percent of clients are interested in more face time with their accountants if they derive additional value from the meetings. By embracing the cloud as a Real Time Accountant, you’ll be able to come to the table with ideas and financial strategies that will help grow your clients’ businesses – and with that recognition comes a chance to significantly expand your practice.

To learn more about the benefits of being a Real Time Accountant, watch this short video featuring accounting profession consultant Steve McIntyre-Smith: