Find the QuickBooks Apps You Need In Just 15 Minutes

Find the QuickBooks Apps You Need In Just 15 Minutes

Trusted advisors, confidants, business managers and financial counselors are all names associated with accountants, so when a client is searching for information or products that can help their businesses, they often turn to us, accountants they trust to provide solid business advice.

Sounds great, but when the shoe is on the other foot, where do we turn for these solutions? Where can they be found in a resourceful, consolidated area to help our clients and customers?

Intuit is the answer. If you haven’t visited the site, then you are missing out on a valuable resource pool of information. Simply put, Intuit is a must have tool for any accountant who works with QuickBooks® and QuickBooks Online.

What is the App Center and How Do I Find it?

Intuit offers a full array of mobile and web-based applications that let you extend the power of QuickBooks to handle time and expense tracking, customer relations, billing, and more. They are “Intuit-approved” for QuickBooks and each app goes through 3 rounds of strict reviews before they can be published on can be found in a variety of ways, through the software itself, either in QuickBooks Online Accountant  or in QuickBooks, or through any web browser.

The App Center can also be located in Quickbooks 2014 with the menu bar on the left side of the screen.

Finding the Apps You and Your Clients Need

The interface is very easy to navigate through and is very easy to search. I really enjoy that the apps are sorted by attributes this saves a lot of time when you are looking for an app to integrate into particular software. The app attributes include apps by Intuit, free apps, apps that work with QuickBooks Online, mobile apps and Apps that only work with QuickBooks desktop.

The store is conveniently divided into subdivisions by the type of service that is provided. I like to use this feature so that I can see new apps and the services that integrate with QuickBooks. Another benefit to searching by category is the ability to see what applications cross over into multiple categories. An example would be Time Tracking by eBility; the categories for this app are mobile, project management, expense management, and billing and invoicing.

How the QuickBooks apps Benefit Your Practice has some very unique and intriguing apps that allow you or your clients to run their businesses more efficiently. When all of the information is entered into QuickBooks, what you get, essentially, is a fabulous database that allows for the ultimate in integration opportunities. You only need to enter data once, import only when needed and there’s no need to expose QuickBooks data to app users.

Some of my favorite apps in the center include, Transaction Pro Importer, View my Paycheck, Funding Gates and SmartVault. The great thing about most of the apps is that they offer a 30-day free trial. You then can get a taste of the app and find out if this feature will work for you and your clients.

Another fantastic thing is the reviews on each app. The fact that our peers have been on the site and reviewing the products can help you decide how to choose the apps; the pros and cons are terrific guidance.

Another fun aspect is that most of the apps give us some kind of demonstration video, a great feature that gives more insight into the product and functionality.

If you have some time, you should also check out the App training in the store. The training is located on the front page on the bottom left. This is an invaluable service because the page shows webinars on featured Apps. The added bonus to you is gaining some much needed CPE credits from some of the webinars.

With, Intuit has developed a well-rounded website that is easy to navigate and functional for accountants and their clients who are looking for new apps to complement their QuickBooks software. In just a short 15 minutes, you can easily find an app to satisfy any integration needed with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online. Check it out! You’ll gain new knowledge, get practical and workable integration and stronger functionality with happier clients and customers. That, my dear friends, is a win-win!