What Does Your Mission Statement Say About You

What Does Your Mission Statement Say About You

We can all learn a great deal from Intuit’s® stated mission: “To improve our customers’ financial lives so profoundly … they can’t imagine going back to the old way.” The mission was stated and restated over and over during QuickBooks® Connect.

I rarely give much thought to the mission statement of companies, as I generally assume that earning a profit is the primary motivator and most are cliché at best. However, I was definitely impressed with my interactions with the many Intuit staffers present, as they worked together to fulfill the intent of QB Connect: “Learn. Connect. Grow.” Intuit’s mission is deeply engrained and fully supported by their awesome staff!

I saw firsthand what can happen if accounting professionals undergo a significant shift in their mindset on my personal journey to “Learn. Connect. Grow.” I admit to feeling overwhelmed initially, being surrounded by some of the world’s most influential and progressive accounting minds.

In fact, those who know me best laughed at my excitement at meeting industry legends like Ronald Baker, Mark Wickersham, Mike Michalowicz, Joe Woodard and Darren M. Root. Don’t get me wrong, it was great to hear Oprah Winfrey, Robert Herjavec, Jessica Alba and Bill Rancic speak. But, I was absolutely in my element when I actually got to meet the industry legends face-to-face.

In addition to meeting my industry legends and heroes, I was also very excited to meet some great speakers who were new to me. Have you ever heard Sekou Andrews, Geni Whitehouse or Wayne Schmidt speak? Prior to QB Connect, I had not. I strongly recommend that you watch these individuals, as I sense that they will individually and collectively have an enormous impact on the business community in general, and specifically, the accounting world.

I have to say that implementing 1% of what I learned at QB Connect will have a dramatic impact on my practice. How can you improve the lives of your clients so profoundly that they can’t imagine running their businesses without you?