How to Create a Practice or Testing File in QuickBooks

In QuickBooks®, a client may sometimes need a way of testing transactions or allowing users to practice making entries. A test or practice file can be created. Using a copy of the Client’s data file at a point in time will allow them to use Customers, Vendors and items they are familiar with. To create a practice file from an actual data file:

  • Create a backup of the client’s QuickBooks file.
  • Restore the backup, saving the file with a clearly unique name in the title so to leave no doubt as to the working file and the practice file (Practice, Sample, Testing).
  • Open the newly restored practice file, go to Company > Company Information, and change the name to “Practice File,” “Sandbox,” or some other name to clearly denote that this file is not the working file for the business. The color of the background or desktop can also be changed to clearly differentiate the practice file. Go to Edit > Preferences > Desktop > My Preferences, and change the color scheme. Clients can toggle between the practice and real file via File > Open Previous Company.