5 Tips for Marketing Your CPA Business

5 Tips for Marketing Your CPA Business

A CPA may be one of the most trusted advisors that we ever engage with, so professionals rarely open the yellow pages or respond to a coupon in the mail when it comes time to choosing their CPA. Most CPAs are chosen based on their relationships and the services that they provide, so marketing your CPA practice is very different then marketing other businesses. Here are a 5 tips that will make a significant impact for client acquisition.

1. Get Client Referrals – Be sure to ask all of your clients for referrals, ask them to introduce you to their clients, vendors, co-workers and spheres of influence.

2. Build Strategic Alliances – Create a trusted referral networking group of strategic alliances that meets monthly. Consider having one person per industry: a Financial Advisor, Life Insurance Agent, Health Insurance Agent, Estate Attorney, Business Attorney, Tax Attorney etc.

3. Get on LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a professional network that makes it easy to to share content and become an expert in your field. Join groups in your geographic region and engage in discussions. You will quickly brand yourself.

4. Become a Business Connector – Identify who your client’s are looking to meet and make warm introductions. When you help their businesses grow in out-of-the-box ways, you are more likely to get referrals.

5. Offer Debt Elimination Services – Overwhelming debt is often the biggest challenge our clients face, and as their CPA, helping them with solutions to eliminate their debt can be one of the best gifts you could offer them. Helping them with a plan is the first step. It is much like a diet or work out plan, they have to have guidance, it is difficult to figure it out on their own, and they need a plan in order to stay on track.