Digital Marketing Spotlight: How to Generate a Stream of Online Leads, Part 2

Digital Marketing Spotlight: How to Generate a Stream of Online Leads, Part 2

Last month, I showed you step by step how to create a lead magnet to get started generating online leads. If you created your lead magnet, then congratulations! If not, then you may want to review last month’s article so that you can catch up with our process.

This month, we’ll show you how to build a landing page. A landing page is a website page that will showcase the benefits of your lead magnet and allow prospects to opt in, leaving their name, email and possible phone number with you, in exchange for receiving your lead magnet.

A landing page has a single purpose, and that’s to get prospects to sign up for your lead magnet. In that way, you can capture their email and add them to your list management software. The components of a landing page include:

  • A short description of the audience intended for the report – this can be placed at the top as a title.
  • A great headline, very carefully worded, that will attract attention.
  • What the prospect gets after they opt in, which is your lead magnet. Your landing page should contain enticing copy that describes the benefits of receiving your lead magnet.
  • Possibly a description, photo or short bio of the author of the lead magnet. You can also include credibility items, which include press logos, certifications, awards and testimonials.
  • Your opt-in form with a large “Subscribe” or “Register Now” button. This form should ask for at least the name and email address.
  • A link to your privacy policy is best practice.


Here is a sample landing page that we use for accountants who want to learn more about marketing:

The next three examples are of accounting industry landing pages that are not “gated,” which means there is no opt-in form before you can download the report.

Here’s an example of a free template in exchange for an email address:

The City of Houston uses a landing page for visitors to request a free guide:

The Accounting Department requires an email in exchange for several free items; here is one:

Landing Page Apps and Plug-ins

There is software that can help you build an awesome landing page; however, I feel you don’t really need this. Just build it like you would any web page, or hire your webmaster to set it up.

In case you want to check out these apps, here are a few:

  • (we have used this before)
  • Instapage
  • Unbounce

WordPress has a plug-in for landing pages:

End Game

Have you ever visited a website, liked what you saw, but weren’t ready to call them or buy? If so, that’s what this is all about. The opt-in forms on a landing page are a way to ask a prospective client to stay in touch with you, without being too intrusive on either of you. Providing a free report to go with it is often the incentive a prospect needs to stay in touch.

As prospects read the materials you send them over time, they build trust in you, without you having to do much, except continue to send them newsletters. They warm up slowly and become buyers in time.

Editor’s note: Check out part 1part 3 and part 4 of Sandi Leyva’s series on generating online leads.