Dionne Smith - The Timesheet

Two months in, Dionne shares Ron’s advice to rate clients, create a customized customer plan, set short-term goals, and prepare fixed-price agreements.   

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When I started in the business it was just for survival, and now that I've become a little bit more successful and I'm down the road with it, that's where I'm finding that I'm stuck in the timesheet and being successful means that I just work more hours. Ron asked me to rate my clients. Basically give them A, B, C, D, or F. It made me start looking at what's the time investment on the different clients, and are we a good match for each other. I never really thought about it like that, but I'm looking to change the relationship we have, and maybe the scope of work.

Ron's given me a customized approach to my specific customers, and what their exact needs are, giving me a way to think about it, so that I know how to approach them and I know how to make a win-win situation using the fixed price agreement. That's a matter of listing everything that I do for each particular customer, and that's a different list. Everyone is so very customized. My plan of attack is to start with my existing customers. I'm going to change the relationships that I have and get off the hourly rate, and get the fixed price agreements. That comes down to me thinking about, what do we actually do and pricing out the full-service package, and then giving them two other choices of how they want to work with me.

My short-term goal is to get my documentation for the fixed price agreement prepared for each one of my customers, and make sure that what they say really meets what I can do. It's been about two weeks since our one-on-one, and its forced me to think about pretty much everything in a different light. It's very scary, what if you don't price something right and you now have promised this service, you're guaranteeing your work. What if you make a mistake? One of the things that Ron says is that, "You're going to make the mistakes." I'm just hoping as I get through the learning curve, my mistakes aren't too big.