An Interview with Doug Sleeter About the Cloud

Recently, the Intuit® Small Business Blog sat down with Doug Sleeter, founder and president of The Sleeter Group, just prior to the start of his upcoming Small Business Technology Road Show this summer. Last week, Intuit News Central posted an article with information on content for the road show and a list of cities.

“Your customers demand that you be in the cloud,” says Sleeter. “The latest innovations in cloud, mobile and connected solutions are changing everything about how you work in the future.”

Sleeter has built a network of accounting consultants that serve more than 200,000 small businesses across the country. He has also served as a development consultant for Intuit and other leading software companies.

“The new world we see emerging is one in which we put data into the cloud — on remote servers at a secure location — where, I’ll assert, it is more secure than on the desktop,” he says. “This allows clients to do more of what they do well, which is running the business, while accountants can actually expand the services they provide to their clients.”

To read the entire interview, read the story on the Intuit Small Business Blog.