5 Tips for Getting More Done In Less Time

5 Tips for Getting More Done In Less Time

Living in the cloud isn’t the same as being on cloud 9.

Today’s technology has made our lives easier and more complicated at the same time. We are supposed to have more freedom to do the things we want to do because we can have anywhere-anytime access.

However, the price of convenience comes with a dark side. I recently read an article that said as the technology of today speeds up, so will our lives. I have found this statement to be very accurate. The response time once we communicate with an individual has increased because of developments in technology.

With so little downtime, how can we be efficient and still get the job done and maximize our time?

I have found several ways that work for me and help keep me on track.

1. Task Lists – organize the week into lists. The key steps here are to make the work flow smoothly by laying out your week in advance you can see the deadlines that you have and then delegate and organize your work processes.

Try to use a technological organizer to automate your tasks and sync it to a do list. Companies are starting to use CRM managers such as Method CRM and Results CRM. CRM managers are great tools to keep track of the work flows and most have task lists. Also, they have recurring task lists so all you have to do is set up the task and then automate and assign the work. The visual aid and the work flow system will help reduce your inbox and keep you organized.

Tip: Try to organize similar tasks back to back in order to reduce downtime and save repeated efforts of gathering similar tools needed for the jobs.

2. Delegate – Use your staff and the technologies on hand in order to get the job done. By this I mean we need to take full advantage of all of the surrounding opportunities you can in order to meet the tasks and deadlines that are scheduled. Delegation can be done using our smart software. For example, Quickbooks® Online uses banking integration to download transactions into the software daily. The daily downloads minimize the need to enter the activity. Once the activity is downloaded into the software, the renaming rules can allocate the categories and save more time.

Tip: QuickBooks Online and Mint are two ways to automate the data entry of activity into financial software. Spend a few minutes using the renaming rules to save you hours later in coding.

3. Don’t Multitask – Multitasking is the hottest thing right now. However, if you focus on your tasks at hand and avoid interruptions then it will be easier to move quickly through the current job.

Tip: Avoid the time wasters, Facebook, email, texting and interruptions from co-workers.

Stay on task with a timer. This is an easy one as most cell phones have timers now. Set your timer for 30 minutes and allow that of uninterrupted time. Thirty minutes of uninterrupted time will surprise you on how much can be done.

4. Prioritize – Organize your to do list by due date and most difficult to finish. Tackle the most difficult project and get it out of the way first. When finished with that, I feel as if I have climbed a mountain and then am able to breeze through the next tasks that are less difficult.

Tip: A tool I have found useful for this is Evernote. Evernote is an anywhere-anytime notebook. Think of this as a task lists that keeps the projects organized and helps keep them in a system of priority.

5. Streamline – Make the software do the work for you and integrate the work. There is a variety of SaaS products out there available to use. The list is mind boggling and continues to grow daily. I suggest to gather a workflow of systems and solutions that integrate well with each other. Personally, for my company, I use SmartVault and Bill.com. Ultimately I want to get the workflow down into my accounting software, Quickbooks.

These two solutions have allowed my company to create and organize a virtual office. We can all access the work collaboratively and use our team efforts to get larger projects done more efficiently. With these solutions we have the ability to work from any location as long as there is a web browser. What is fantastic about the two solutions is that they both integrate with the hosted QuickBooks Desktop and the our QuickBooks Online clients.

The ability to produce workflow in one software and have it flow into another seamlessly is priceless.

Ultimately, you have to be the gatekeeper of your time. Even with getting organized and your work solutions on track you need to be mindful of tasks, projects and clients that will divert your time. The key today is to maximize your efforts and systems and minimize your time.