Embrace New Technology for Better Accounting Client-Centric Solutions

Embrace New Technology for Better Accounting Client-Centric Solutions

I believe that we each take away the message that we are seeking from any learning experience.

In the case of QuickBooks Connect, I came away with two recurring themes that resonated in my mind, a mindset shift and client-centric solutions.

Mindset Shift

In order to be successful, accounting professionals and the firms they work in need to make a dramatic mindset shift. The 4 key trends that we explored in my previous posts (cloud, big data, mobile first and social) will change how we interact with our clients and what they expect from us on a daily basis. We cannot continue to simply offer traditional compliance services and hope for the best. Accounting professionals need to step up and take ownership of their coveted “most trusted advisor” role.

Quite simply, we need to work with our clients to discover what they truly need from us and then ensure that we provide that service better than any other industry can. The cloud can either represent risk or opportunity. We need to stop avoiding all risk at all costs and learn to take cautious, yet decisive steps towards opportunity. I will borrow from QB Connect: we need to build a practice that truly embodies the concepts of “Learn. Connect. Grow.”

Client-Centric Solutions

I have always believed that providing exceptional customer service would be a differentiating factor for me and my practice. After meeting many amazing innovators, representing both presenters and audience members, I was inspired to see so many people putting the client at the heart of what they do.

We are in an era where solutions are rapidly evolving, and we now have at our disposal an unprecedented range of solutions that we can offer to our clients. What makes the solutions so interesting is that, at their core, they allow accounting professionals to truly customize and tailor solutions to fit the needs of the client. Not surprisingly, business owners are now expecting more from their accounting professionals.


We need to be lifelong learners if we wish to thrive with the current economic client. The future brings with it unique challenges and vast opportunities. The opportunities will present themselves to those who are able to embrace change and who are willing to focus on client-centric solutions. Are you ready to build your Firm of the Future?