Extreme bookmarking and managing your apps: ClickUp

Extreme bookmarking and managing your apps: ClickUp

If you are already using ClickUp in your company, then this option will likely make the most sense, instead of adding another application to your toolbox.

You’ll want to set up a “Table View” in Airtable. I set up a list just for this purpose, inside my main Nerd HQ Folder.

On the surface, this will look a lot like Airtable, with custom label fields for the following:

  • Client/Entity
  • Workspace
  • App/Place
  • URL

Then, just like Airtable, you can add filters and groupings. The main difference is that ClickUp only gives you one grouping level here, and I would submit to you that that is enough. It starts to get clunky when you add more than one – have, at most, two grouping levels.

Of course, as you add filters and groupings, you can save this as a new view.

Here’s a look at everything:


Grouped by client:

Filtered for one client, sorted by App/Place:

One of the reasons I love ClickUp is based on how customizable it is. I can get it to do anything I want!

Editor’s note: This is the sixth article in a series by Seth David on Extreme Bookmarking. Access the entire series at this Content Guide.