Extreme bookmarking and managing your apps: Notejoy

Extreme bookmarking and managing your apps: Notejoy

Notejoy is a digital notebook and note taking app. This may be the best place for your bookmarks, especially if you like to have narrative context around everything, including bookmarks.

This is also geometric, in that you can use tags (denoted with a Hashtag) like #bookmarks to group your bookmarks across all areas of Notejoy.

You can have a notebook for “Apps,” then a note for each app with the link of course, and then add any other information you like to have about that app.

Then, you can have a client notebook, where you can reference the bookmarks hashtag for quick reference to the bookmarks you need for that client.

Notejoy recognizes these hashtags and adds them to the Tags area, so that you can easily index these and use them in any area.

If I am starting to set up Client X in Notejoy, it might look like this:

This view above is from clicking the “Bookmarks” tag. Then, the arrows show you where these notes live. When you use the hashtag in the title, it brings them together in this one view.

Of course, you can use the search. Put something in quotes for an exact match, such as “Client X,” and the search will quickly filter all of your notes to help you find what you’re looking for quickly.

The advantage to this system is the “note taking” aspect. You have all the space you need to write detailed notes and provide any context you need.

Editor’s note: This is the seventh article in a series by Seth David on Extreme Bookmarking. Access the entire series at this Content Guide.