Extreme bookmarking and managing your apps: TheBrain

Extreme bookmarking and managing your apps: TheBrain

TheBrain is probably the most dynamic app out there for connecting things based on geometric linking, as opposed to linear.

Assuming I have a “thought” for each app, I can use the app’s login URL linked, go underneath any client’s thought, and add a thought called “Client X – Apps.” Then, I can link each of the apps I use with that client under that thought, and/or create a single thought with all of the links for all of the apps. While that’s a bit less dynamic, it’s more efficient if you want to be able to quickly launch all of the apps you need when working with that client. This part is up to you.

The beauty of this system is that you only need to create the apps’ links once, and then you can connect them to any client, as many times as you need to. Then, if you click over to an app, you can get full context in terms of anything else you’ve linked to that app.

Imagine you’re working in an app for one client and you get an email, text, or thought just pops in that you want to check on something for another client. You can easily browse through that app to the other client and access their information.

If you choose to use TheBrain for this, it has the potential to become your entire operating system for everything you need to organize, categorize, and easily reference.

Editor’s note: This is the fifth article in a series by Seth David on Extreme Bookmarking. Access the entire series at this Content Guide.