Is Your Firm’s Facebook Fan Page Effective?

Is Your Firm’s Facebook Fan Page Effective?

Does your firm or practice have a Facebook fan page? How effective is it?

According to this story on, consumers visit companies’ websites more often than their Facebook pages. Nearly 90 percent of the 2,000 people surveyed said the company’s website – not a social network such as Facebook – is their preferred place to research products and find information to make buying decisions.

Not surprisingly, survey participants also preferred to be introduced to brands through friends (64.5 percent) instead of through ads (38.2 percent). In fact, when logging onto social networks such as Facebook, 70 percent said they logged in for social networking; just 13 percent said they check in to interact with brands. reports U.S. marketers are spending approximately $3 million to create and promote their Facebook brand pages.

It would seem that Facebook fan pages, such as the Intuit Accountants’ page, is ideal as a way to create buzz about the company’s products and services, as well as create discussions and interaction among accountants. That’s why they’re called “Fan Pages,” right?

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