Updated FAQs: QuickBooks Online Core & Advanced Re-certification

Updated FAQs: QuickBooks Online Core & Advanced Re-certification

Q: Why is Intuit® moving to a re-certification process for QuickBooks® Online Core and Advanced Certification?

A: We continuously improve our products during the year, building functionality to enhance the financial lives for you and your clients. In March 2018, we debuted the annual recertification process: Shorter versions of the QuickBooks Online and Advanced Online Certifications. The recertification brings you up to speed on the new features built since the prior year’s certification. To maintain your certified status, and all the perks that come with it, you need to pass the certification by July 31. If you are Advanced Certified, you only need to certify at the Advanced level; you do not need to take both recertifications.

Q: When is the recertification deadline?

A: You need to pass your recertification by July 31, 2019. After July 31, we remove the recertification option from the training portal so that we can begin building next year’s certification.

Q: What do the recent changes in the re-certification process for Core and Advanced mean to me?

A: If you passed your QuickBooks Online Certification before March 1, 2019, you need to pass your re-certification exam by July 31, 2019. This maintains your certification status and benefits through July 31, 2020.

If you passed your Advanced QuickBooks Online Certification before November 2, 2018, you only need to pass your Advanced recertification exam. Complete the exam by July 31, 2019 to maintain your Core and Advanced Certification status and benefits through July 31, 2020.

If you are not yet QuickBooks Online Certified or your certification is already expired, you can take the new certification or complete the current certification at anytime.

Q: Is there training available to prepare for the re-certification exam?

A: Absolutely! Certified ProAdvisors® can take the “What’s New in QuickBooks Online” training to prepare for the Core and Advanced re-certification exams.

Q: Where can I access the “What’s New in QuickBooks Online” training?

A: You can attend this training in a variety of ways:

Q: How many attempts do I get on the re-certification exam?

A: You have three attempts to pass the re-certification exam. If you don’t pass on the third attempt, you will be locked out for 60 days. 

Q: Do I need to pass the QuickBooks Online Core re-certification exam before I attempt the Advanced re-certification exam?

A: You don’t!! You only have to recertify at the highest level of certification. If you are Advanced QuickBooks Online Certified, you only have to pass the Advanced recertification exam. The Advanced recertification prepares you for the next year with content from both recertifications.

Q: What happens if I do not pass my re-certification exam by the July 31 deadline?

A: If you miss the July 31 deadline, your Certified ProAdvisor status is no longer active. The accumulated points (100, 200 for Advanced) will be removed from your ProAdvisor point balance. Your listing on the Find-a-ProAdvisor directory, may also be removed.

Q: I’m in the process of getting my Core recertification but used up all my attempts and is locked out, when will I get to try again?

A: If you are locked out for 60 days and that time passes July 31 deadline, you’ll need to take the full QuickBooks Online Core Certification exam.

Q: What happens to my Advanced Certification if I let it lapse or failed my recertification by July 31, 2019?

A: Good news! As a one-time courtesy this year, you’ll maintain your QuickBooks Online Core Recertification status and listing on Find-a-ProAdvisor directory. Starting on August 1, you’ll lose your Advanced Certification status and the 200 Advanced Certification points from your ProAdvisor Program points balance. To reinstate your Advanced Certification, take the full Advanced Certification exam.

Q: Do I gain points toward my ProAdvisor Program points balance?

A: If you pass your Core recertification exam, you will maintain 100 points on your ProAdvisor Program points balance. If you pass your Advanced recertification exam, you will maintain 200 points on your points balance.

Q: If I have an issue with my recertification exam, where can I go to get support?

A: Please submit suggestions and comments through the “Feedback” link at the top right corner of your ProAdvisor benefits page.

Best Practices for Submitting Certification Exam

Don’t have the exam open in two separate web browser at the same time. This applies to incognito browser windows.

If you continue to see a spinning green wheel or there is no change to your screen after selecting the submit exam for grading, please perform the following steps to submit your exam.

  • Refresh your web browser.
  • Sign back into QBOA.
  • Select Take Exam button and they see the instruction screen again.
  • Select “Get Started” button.
  • Then have to select “Submit Exam” button again.