Finding & Keeping Your Dream Accounting Clients Through Social Media

Learn how accountants can build an online presence by establishing a niche, which attracts prospects ideal for the practice.

Stacy Kildal:

New clients, for us, are generally finding Kildal Services because I write a lot of blogs. I write a lot of articles. I'm very active on social media. I just post things that I think are interesting or funny. When I see articles that I think my audience and my target market is going to think are interesting, I will share those.

That's part of using social media, is you post, you engage, you build that trust, and then they're going to come to you and they're probably going to hire you, because they feel like they know you. For the accountants who are not real social savvy, what I always recommend, if you don't have the capital to get a great website, start with at least a Facebook page. You don't have to post everywhere all the time. Pick one or two things and start with that.

I had one woman who raised llamas for a hobby and she decided what she was going to was start marketing to the other, no not llamas, alpacas. Anyways, she was an alpaca farmer and so she decided she wanted to market to them and so she needed to go find them. She said, "I'm going to hit the forums and go to the meetings and the association."

Figure out your dream client, find out where they are, and then find out where they're hanging out online and then establish yourself as, not necessarily a super big expert and you know everything, but somebody who knows what they're doing. You have to let people see your personality as well. That's really important. Most people who follow me on Twitter or see me on Facebook, they meet me at these events and just come up and hug me, because they fell like they already know me. I don't think that I represent myself online any differently than I do in person.

Andrew Berg:

Don't be afraid to be yourself. Don't be afraid to post content that may not have anything to do with you or your clients industries. What we actually found was that clients like real. They think they're real and they want their accountant to be real.

Cathy Iconis:

I got really involved in Twitter and growing relationships there, started following people in the Atlanta areas which is were I'm from. You really got to find what fits you and what fits your personality, so that you're comfortable in whatever social media platform that you use.

Mariette :

Honestly, just with the social media and the online, Yelp and Google reviews and Find-a-ProAdvisor, of course, that's how I find all my clients. I've actually never sent out a paper advertisement.