Finding Your License and Product Numbers in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Finding Your License and Product Numbers in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

There are times in QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions when you need to locate your license number and product number.

Reason #1: You need to contact customer support

Sometimes you just need this information when you’re speaking on the phone with customer support. They want you to identify yourself and direct you to the right support person for your issue.

Open your QuickBooks data file. Press the F2 key on your keyboard. This will open up a hidden window. This window is a wealth of information. You will find the product and the license number here.

Priority Circle Care

Speaking of support for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, were you aware that you get a Customer Success Manager and become a member of the QuickBooks Priority Circle when you sign up for the program?

Your Customer Success Manager is your dedicated point of contact with Intuit®. This person will help you with onboarding, training in the program and make sure you are using the right Intuit product – but the best part of being in the Priority Circle is the support. You get a priority team that knows QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and can help you with any technical or general support issues. They are literally just a phone call away. Customers can reach out to their Customer Success Manager for more information by emailing or logging in here.

Reason #2:  You are changing to a new computer

You are super-excited that you just purchased a brand new computer! You need to reinstall your QuickBooks program. The second screen of the download asks you for your license and your product number. Intuit Camps is the place to find all of your current software as well as your older products. In just two clicks!

You can also request to have your license number emailed to you.