Firm of the Future Keeps Practicing Accountants Connected

Firm of the Future Keeps Practicing Accountants Connected

Technology and the online platform are moving fast, and if your firm fails to adapt, you will be fishing for sardines, instead of swimming with sharks.

In a time where reaching people is just one click away, you must take advantage of the online outlet you have, in order to become a “Firm of the Future.”

And, while many firms are hesitant to invest time in social media, that is precisely where to start! Not only is social media easy and cheap, but it’s also an incredible way to reach your clients and prospects, if you put forth a concerted effort.

Take LinkedIn, for example. After updating your profile to show what you do and who you are, join some groups, like Michelle Long’s Successful QuickBooks® Consulting. As you can see, Michelle has created a place to show who she is, what she offers and how she helps people every day. Then, there’s Twitter. Twitter takes some getting used to, but it’s a place where information spreads quickly, and word of mouth can really build your reputation and client base. Look at QuickBooks ProAdvisor Cathy Iconis’ QBO Chat on Twitter. Cathy is connecting with her audience, building a network that stays up 24/7/365.

Lastly, there’s Facebook. Facebook may be the least business-oriented of the three, but still offers plenty of opportunity. Facebook is more laid back than LinkedIn, allowing you to show off your personality. When clients and prospects can get to know you better, they may be more willing to invest in you and the services your offer because of the person you are.

No matter what size firm, social media is a platform for everyone. It may not come right away, but investing time in social media pays off in the long run. You must stay disciplined and practical in your approach, and seize this incredible opportunity to reach people anywhere, anytime. Spend up to an hour a day, and begin to transition into a Firm of the Future.