Firm of the Future Profile: Go Get Geek!

Firm of the Future Profile: Go Get Geek!

Welcome back to our Firm of the Future profile series about thriving firms and consultants who are benefitting from the cloud and QuickBooks® Online Accountant (QBOA) to better serve clients and find new revenue opportunities. In this new article, we spotlight Brett Barry, chief executive geek at Go Get Geek!

Shauna Maher: Tell us about your business.

Brett Barry: My company is called Go Get Geek!, located in Phoenix, Ariz. I have been in business since 2007 after I left working for Intuit®. 

SM: What convinced you to make the move to QuickBooks Online Accountant?

BB: When I heard that Intuit totally revamped the QuickBooks Online (QBO) platform and included an accountant version that would help my practice, I was quick to try it out. After a few months, I made the switch from desktop to online for good. The convenience of using it convinced me to go completely cloud-based and I love the freedom of being able to work from anywhere at any time. 

SM: What are your goals for your practice this year?

BB: I want to become even more efficient so that I can increase revenue while spending less time working.

SM: What’s your favorite away-from-the-office place to get work done?

BB: I love going on vacation on cruises, so my cabin becomes my temporary office. There is nothing like doing payroll while looking out over the balcony at the ocean moving by.

SM: Where’s the craziest place you’ve done work for a client?

BB: I did a 14-day transatlantic cruise last year and it’s amazing that I was able to work from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 

SM: What’s your number one timesavings tip?

BB: Being able to have scheduled sales receipts for billing my clients for monthly subscriptions in QBO has saved me tons of time. They get created and emailed each month, and I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. 

SM: When you’re not working, what’s your favorite way to spend your time?

BB: I have a passion for travel. I probably spend more money on vacations than anything else!

SM: What advice do you have for peers that are still on desktop?

BB: The fax was amazing in its day until email came along. And, switching to QBO will open your world to a ton of other apps that will make your life so much easier.

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