Firm of the Future Profile: Reconciled It

Michael Ly, CEO of Reconciled It, believes that his background as a CFO and his firm's specialization in QuickBooks Online gives them an edge that other firms don't have, and because QuickBooks Online allows them to hire employees that work remotely, he isn't limited to a small, local workforce.

Feedback I've gotten from my clients was, "You're different because you're not just doing bookkeeping."

My name's Michael Ly, and I am CEO of, an online bookkeeping and CFO advisory practice, based in Burlington, Vermont.

I come from a CFO background, so I started out as a bookkeeper after college and climbed my way up to CFO roles at a variety of different companies, and because of that, I've been alongside many other small business owners and CEOs, helping them grow their business already, and so I took that experience and basically formalized that into a consulting practice.

I moved to Burlington in the end of 2011, so I came up with the Reconciled brand and concept, and then, in less than two years, we were at 12 employees.

So establishing my firm in the cloud allowed me to say, "Okay, I don't need to hire within the vicinity of Burlington, Vermont," and QBOA allowed me to do that.

What differentiates us as a practice is that we use only U.S.-based bookkeepers and we're specialized in the QuickBooks Online Ecosystem.

Reconciled It focuses primarily and solely on bookkeeping to CFO services, so we're not a tax and audit shop, and we generally serve companies that have less than 30 employees and who earn less than $3 million a year.

Most of our businesses are either on online retail, online services, manufacturers, wholesalers.

QuickBooks Online is helping with the overall vision for Reconciled It.

We're helping these small businesses provide jobs. We're helping them provide wealth and common good for their community, and so we're helping them stay afloat and grow, right, and succeed.