Firm of the Future Profile: Singletrack Bookkeeping

Meet Kim from Singletrack Bookkeeping, a full-service accounting firm (bookeeping, payroll, tax) that specializes in serving the unique needs of highly seasonal businesses. Learn how QuickBooks Online Accountant is the key to her ability to successfully serve this niche.

It would be so much easier to take the normal path.

I'm all about travel and adventure. That is who I have been my whole life.

I came to Steamboat Springs as everyone does for the great outdoors, and the entire reason that I came here was for the mountain biking.

So, in resort towns, people tend to start their own businesses. Few folks have business acumen.

Therefore, I saw this opportunity where I could provide accounting services, technology services, and, in the early days, we stepped right into the advisory role for these small business startups in Internet marketing, social media, trying to create awareness on the Internet.

What makes us unique and different than other firms would be our cloud services and the communication tools that we use and our cash flow planning for seasonal downturns.

And we're also one-stop accounting shop, a complete bundle of accounting services.

It's payroll, it's workflow consulting, it's tax planning, it's tax preparation, along with preparing your books every month, as well as providing updated financials. And the accessibility of QuickBooks Online allows me to do that in the virtual world.

The goal and vision that I have for Singletrack is to enable more people to break away from the norm and live the dream that they have for themselves.