Free QuickBooks Online Import Tools

Free QuickBooks Online Import Tools

There are some built-in import tools, built into QuickBooks® Online, that are available to you at no additional charge. Below is a listing of what can be imported to QuickBooks Online:

QuickBooks Desktop company data. You can easily import data from your QuickBooks Desktop company file to QuickBooks Online. More detailed information can be found on the Intuit® Community. If you have not checked out QuickBooks Online, Intuit makes it easy to see how QuickBooks Online works by providing a free test drive company.

List data. You can import certain list data, such as Chart of Accounts, Customers, Vendors and Products and Services, from csv files. Step-by-Step instructions can be found on the Intuit Community.  

Bank and credit card transactions. You can download transactions from bank or credit card accounts. This information is typically downloaded to your QuickBooks Online company file overnight, and you can categorize and match to existing transactions, which is a huge time saver. You can read more on the Intuit Community.

 All the import tools are big time savers, so be sure to check them out.