3 Free Guides for Moving Your Clients to QuickBooks Online

3 Free Guides for Moving Your Clients to QuickBooks Online

Grow your online expertise and confidence in answering your clients’ questions about switching from QuickBooks® Desktop to QuickBooks Online with these free downloadable PDF guides, which we’ve updated based on your feedback!

Part 1: Moving Clients Online: Find out how clients in appointment-based businesses, retail and eCommerce, and professional and field services businesses, can benefit from moving online, including suggestions for 3rd party apps.

Part 2: How to Convert QuickBooks Desktop Data to QuickBooks Online: Learn what to expect before, during and after the conversion, through step-by-step instructions, checklists and the time-saving import summary report. It includes a handy reference of common terms, used in QuickBooks Desktop and their equivalent name in QuickBooks Online.

Part 3: Resources to Help Clients Optimize their Move Online: Find out where your clients can access a free sample company of QuickBooks Online, where you can access free customizable training materials for clients, videos and more – all designed to help your clients quickly get up to speed on QuickBooks Online.

For additional opportunities to grow your online expertise, check out our upcoming free webinars and opportunities to attend free in-person training here.