Get Involved to Grow Your Business

Kim learned that getting out in the community had a far greater return for her business in terms of growth than any form of digital marketing alone.

I think you learn a lot about who you are individually as well as your business when you get out and you start giving back.

I am Kim Hornsby, Founder and CEO of Singletrack Bookkeeping.

We provide automated cloud accounting for small businesses in resort towns and in the travel and adventure industry. And this includes Wheels, a small local bike shop.

It became important to us to participate in the community from a personal standpoint. And what we found was every time we go out and participate in events or sponsor a race, we realized that it was giving us back as much as we put in.

Closing the laptop lid and walking outside of your home office and going downtown and stopping in to the bike shop and bringing a pizza or stopping at the river fest or the farmer's market and just seeing people that you're doing business with online but seeing them for a moment in person and you recreate that bond.

And certainly you can't always do that physically, but there's even a way to do that in the virtual world.

And I can't tell you the tremendous feedback that we had by just even making a phone call and saying, "How's it going? Is there something that's painful to you right now that maybe we might
have a solution for?"

And we customized some services based on that feedback and people really thanked us for reaching out.

So there are plenty of ways you can still be a 100% cloud business. I'm the biggest fan of cloud business, but there's still a real world person to person connection that can be made.