Get organized and reduce stress, part 3: Dynalist

Get organized and reduce stress, part 3: Dynalist

This is a five-part series on apps that will help you get organized and reduce stress. In part 1, I focused on Airtable. In part 2, I discussed ClickUp. In part 3, I will go over Dynalist. As a reminder, click any images in this article for a closer look.

Speaking of designing and outlining your processes (see above), this is THE PERFECT TOOL for that. It’s essentially the perfect tool for any kind of list, outline, or idea dump.

Think bullet points on steroids. One of my favorite things about this app is how easily and quickly I can whip it out and jot something down. Sometimes, I will use this really quick instead of ClickUp, just because there is less thought needed.

Digital scrap paper

This is GREAT for digital scrap paper. Jot down your thoughts and sketch ideas, and it’s really easy and intuitive to move things around. After I scan my documents each week, I use Dynalist to rename them. I write out the file names I want, so that I can rename and copy and paste them in Windows. This helps me get the naming convention the way I like it. 


This is kind of the impetus of what Dynalist is built for. One great use case is to list the shows and movies you want to watch/stream. When people make recommendations, you can jot them down.

Want to do some research on the apps to use? Make a list here and organize it however you need to. What’s great about this use case is that you can start by making a list with no particular order. Dynalist makes this really easy to reorganize as you jot things down. You can easily sort, and then drag and drop, things to make them “children” or other subcategories.

Project management

If you look at some of the options in that last screenshot, you can see that you can add check boxes. That’s just the beginning. You can also assign due dates, and even set recurring due dates. Next to any item, hit a space and type an exclamation mark (!).

Here’s a screenshot from a demo I did last year on what this might look like for an accounting firm.

Dynalist in short

Make lists, organize them, take notes, and manage projects. You can really do it all with Dynalist. Whenever someone tells me that they don’t know where to begin to choose an app to manage everything, I always point them to Dynalist because it’s easy to use and easy to access. It has a GREAT mobile app, too! If you’re not sure where to start or which of these apps to use, start here!