Google Cloud Search is the best tool in GSuite (that you’ve likely never heard of)

Google Cloud Search is the best tool in GSuite (that you’ve likely never heard of)

Late last year, I noticed this new thing in GSuite: Google Cloud Search. My immediate reaction? “Meh, I know all about Google searching” and quickly forgot about it. Such a mistake on my part. Now, fast forward several months to the day I remembered it and did my first internal search. I have used it darn-near every day since.

So, what is it, Richard?

Google Cloud Search is the best of both worlds. It works very much like the Google Search we all use every day, except it is only searching your files – and meetings, mail, Google Docs, Sheets, Presentations, Forms, and anything Google, even team members. It **literally** (in actuality) finds all those things you filed away (in my case “over filed,” in places I will never forget, that I do, in fact, sometimes forget.). Think of Google Cloud Search as the “Googler” you need specifically for your business.

Instead of searching inside of Google Calendar for a meeting I have about a project I am working on with a client, searching for an email about a meeting, and then searching for a document I need, I can find all related materials, presentations, spreadsheets, emails, calendared appointments, and more with one search. I can see them all in one list or I can sort them by category. Google has even given me some great tools to narrow down the search to a specific range of dates, items I own, or items shared with me. The possibilities are pretty much endless. I save so much time with Google Cloud search that I can no longer imagine NOT using it.

Don’t sweat the privacy. Each person in your Google Organization can only see what they have permission to see. You have nothing to configure. Just search and you shall find.

Google Cloud Search is available for all GSuite users on both the Business and Enterprise levels, and can be accessed here or from the familiar “nine dots” button in any GSuite app. Give it a try; I think you will love it.