Grow Community, Knowledge and Your Business in One Location: Juliet Aurora on QuickBooks Connect Toronto 2017

Grow Community, Knowledge and Your Business in One Location: Juliet Aurora on QuickBooks Connect Toronto 2017

With QuickBooks® Connect Toronto 2017 coming Dec. 4-6, 2017, it seems like you have plenty of time to register and plan your trip, but you may be surprised (or not) how quickly time will pass and how fast the event is filling up right now. Register for QuickBooks Connect Toronto today so that you don’t miss out on the premier accounting event for Canadian accounting professionals and small business folks!

Juliet Aurora, co-founder of Kninja (an AIS Solutions subsidiary focusing on cloud-based education, training and support for bookkeepers, built around QuickBooks Online (QBO), agrees. She and her business partner, Steve Loates, first attended QuickBooks Connect Toronto in 2014; soon after, Kninja was born.

“Attending the first QuickBooks Connect fundamentally changed and shifted my business model. All of the things that I learned, along with where I saw the industry going, combined to make me want to be at the forefront of that change. It was instrumental in opening my eyes as to what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go and how I wanted to change my business,” Aurora says.

She feels that QuickBooks Connect Toronto is a must for Canadian accounting professionals. “QuickBooks Connect Toronto is great for Canadian accounting professionals because app developers and the people who are there as the sponsors are only there if it connects to the Canadian version of QBO. It’s Canadian content and Canadian apps so there’s much more value in it from a Canadian perspective.”

Attend QuickBooks Connect Toronto and Don’t Miss Juliet Aurora’s Sessions – Here’s Why

Intuit® named AIS Solutions as the winner in this year’s Firm of the Future contest, and we’re excited that Aurora will be leading two sessions at QuickBooks Connect Toronto. Her expertise in cloud technology and marketing strategies, along with her desire to advise her clients on how best to meet their business needs, are all reasons we think you should sign up for QuickBooks Connect Toronto right away – you won’t want to miss what she has to say!

Here’s a brief overview of the sessions Aurora will be leading. For the day, times and location of each breakout, please see the agenda.

Session #1: Automating Data and Payments

The Kninja team understands that both the bookkeeping industry and technology are constantly changing, and staying current can be challenging. Their training and insights focus on eliminating the inefficiency that can accompany these changes; they also focus on QBO and on which apps work best with each industry.

Aurora’s goal for this session is to show how automating your accounts payable and bill payment processing systems through QBO and third-party apps can positively affect your overall efficiency and customer service.

She says, “Eliminate all the data entry and have everything from one end to the other work as seamlessly as possible, with little intervention from you. This makes it really easy for your client, which is ultimately what we strive for with our clients.”

Session #2: Building the Right Team – Hiring the Kninja Way

“Finding and hiring the right people for your team is probably one of the biggest challenges that most people have, especially when they want to grow their business. You need to find the right people to grow with you,” Aurora says.

At Kninja, their specialized hiring process began in 2011 and because it has been so successful, they’ve been using that same method ever since. Aurora and Loates will share their step-by-step process; after this session, you’ll not only know how to save an immense amount of time when hiring new employees, but you’ll also find the perfect person who shares your vision to join your team, and who shares your vision for the future.

“It’s a process we’ve put in place, which allows us to hire somebody by spending about four hours of our time. Rather than receiving about 100 resumes, reading every resume, interviewing 30 people, hiring one of them, finding out that he or she isn’t the right one, and starting over, our process puts more of the time on the applicant. They’re filtered through about three phases before we even really invest any of our time,” Aurora states.

If you attend, you’ll learn how to write the initial help wanted ad, set up the different stages, do a group interview, do the one-on-one interview, offer the position and much more.

Growing Community, Knowledge and Your Business in One Location

As a member of the Canadian accounting and bookkeeping community, you should consider attending QuickBooks Connect Toronto 2017. This is the place to meet hundreds of people with the same goals and the same passion to learn. In addition, you benefit from a vast array of knowledge in one location.

Aurora encourages her fellow Canadian accounting professionals to join her at QuickBooks Connect Toronto. “I am a huge fan of the QuickBooks Connect conferences. The sessions are great, but more than anything, it’s the connection that you make with other people in your industry who also have the same goals. They want to get better. They want to learn,” she says.  “As business owners, accountants and bookkeepers, we can live in a little vacuum. We deal with our clients, but we don’t really have anybody to talk to about our practice and about what our challenges are. This is the chance and time to focus on our businesses and grow them. We can take them wherever we want to take them!”

Are you feeling inspired to attend QuickBooks Connect Toronto? We hope so! We can’t wait for you to experience the excitement and growth that our event provides.