Having a Social Media Presence For Accountants

Having a Social Media Presence For Accountants

There is a continual discussion of the return on investment of a business having an active role in social media. What started off as a very personal and completely non-business related platform for communication has become a stew for all sorts of interaction.

Social media’s purpose is spreading out so fast that nobody has time to define it. Questions arise: What is it? Where is it? Who can be on it? And, is it necessary?

Social media, in its simplest definition, is any form of interaction that occurs online. This includes websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even a blog such as this one.

Although being active on social media costs time and money, having a presence on these sites not only secures your identity on these different platforms, but also makes an effort to reach people where they already are. It is an effective and free marketing tool that allows others to become familiar with your company or brand.

So, sign up your business on google places, secure a Facebook and twitter name (handle), and update as much as you are capable. People want consistency, so whether you post updates often or less frequent, keep it consistent so that people can rely on you. It is difficult to see a direct return on your time investment after being active on social media, but you will get in front of people and make impressions. This could be the competitive advantage that brings your business to the top of people’s thoughts. Some suggest it takes seven points of contact to gain a customer; let social media be one of them.

Lesson: Social media is here to stay. Make it part of your day.