Help Clients Do More With QuickBooks Online Apps

Couple things that make us a firm of the future, one leveraging technology, the cloud, QuickBooks Online but also 3rd party applications outside of QuickBooks. Anything that's going to save the client time and money is a great way to go.

The best way to determine the fit between absent clients is really just knowing the needs of the clients. It involves asking a lot of questions and being a really good listener. Understanding the clients industry and where it is they're wanting to go, understanding what their pain points are and then knowing the apps well enough to be able to see that marriage. Using those 3rd party applications so that the entry is seamless. It's not data entry at that point. It's data management. The entry essentially happens on its own and that saves the client and us a lot of time and money. This is where the industry is going and this is what our clients want and need.


You can spend 10, 15, 20 minutes a day just checking out and looking and seeing the new ones and reading reviews. It's so fascinating just to see all of these awesome 3rd party developers that are coming in and just really allowing small businesses to save so much time.


I did a demo of a couple years ago and I said, "Well this changes everything." If you think about how traditional bookkeeping has been done, you go to a clients office and you open the bale and you route things for approval and you put it into the desktop system and then you cut checks and you file things and you mail things. All of that goes away with QuickBooks Online and


Oh, I love 17Hats. It basically provides workflow efficiency. Something that all small business owners struggle with, and I know because I struggled with it as well, is all the hats that we wear. It allows you to put on all those hats but in an organized fashion. Everyone thinks I actually am a 17Hats employee because I'm always ranting about it and I just love them. They have mission. They really want to help the small business owner and they have an awesome product.


One app for the client that we really, really enjoy is Receipt Bank. It's a fantastic application that can snap a picture of a receipt so if the client is able to take pictures of their grandchildren, which most of our clients can, they can use this app. It then takes that receipt and it puts it to a backend where the Receipt Bank team is able to categorize it so it all comes up as a seamless match which is really, really nice, gigantic time saving tool for quite a few of our clients.