Help Your Clients Get Paid Faster With QuickBooks Online and G Suite

The integration of  QuickBooks® Online (QBO) and G Suite will transform the communication and invoicing process with your clients, allowing for quicker feedback and faster payment.

Intuit’s® new intelligent communication app in G Suite – Hangouts Chat – brings greater team collaboration and QuickBooks functionality. In addition, the new Gmail add-on for invoicing provides small business customers a much more seamless and easy way to invoice their clients directly from Gmail, and get paid faster. And, with more than 500,000 QBO customers already using Gmail to communicate with their clients, this is a big deal!

The complete QuickBooks and G Suite integration includes the following:

  • Gmail Add-on for Invoicing: Allows Gmail users and QuickBooks small business customers to generate and send invoices without ever leaving Gmail.
  • Hangouts Chat Integration With QuickBooks: Enables teams to increase collaboration and run QuickBooks functionalities within the chat window.
  • Google Calendar and QuickBooks Online: Bill My Time with Google Calendar lets business owners schedule client work and appointments with Google Calendar, and then seamlessly bill hours from QuickBooks.

The Gmail Add-on for Invoicing and Bill My Time with Google Calendar integrations were showcased during Intuit’s Innovation Gallery Walk in New York City the week of March 27, 2017.