How to Help Your Clients See the Bigger Picture


A lot of our clients are visionary creative business owners who have started a business because they want to do what they love. How can we measure the numbers within their book keeping to make sure that they're on track to those goals? Failing to plan is planning to fail, so we want to made sure that they're heading in the right direction, and we partner with them on that journey.

Having real time data available in the cloud has made it so that I can spend more time focusing on the pieces that are most important to my clients. We encourage them to leverage technology, and use apps such as Receipt Bank to make sure that they're putting their transactions into QuickBooks using those third party applications so that the entry is seamless.

By leveraging the technology to do the data entry for us, we focus on the data management, the bigger picture, the advisory capacity. We're not just punching numbers into a system. Yes, we want them to understand where they've been, but we want to make sure that they're looking forward at what are their next plans. Sitting down with the clients, going over their reports, and making sure that they know what's going on and why. By doing it that way, we create more confidence in our clients. We talk to them more about where they're going than just their metrics, which empowers them to make educated business decisions.


You can now do everything you need to on the internet. I mean, everything is different and more efficient, and that's a real win for the accounting firms, and it's a win for our clients. The real benefit is that they spend less time trying to get the numbers right, and figuring out what the numbers should be, and more time analyzing the numbers, and using it and driving action from it, and making smart decisions.


The traditional CPA model really has been one where you wait until the end of the year, people bring in their tax information, and then you tell them what happened last year. That's of really no value to the business owner. It's compliance work. To be a firm of the future, in our vision, is to be working with the month to month to give them information in real time, so that they can make decisions, and understand the decisions that they're making today, how it impacts tomorrow and their future, whether it's taxes or cash flow, or strategic planning. It's hugely improved our clients and our relationship with them.