Hiding Item Details on Sales Forms in QuickBooks

In QuickBooks®, there are four reasons to include an Item on a sales form:

  1. To display the details of a sale on the printed Invoice for the Customer to see.
  2. To track Item-level sales information for detailed sales reports.
  3. To reduce the stock status of the inventory parts (if applicable).
  4. To calculate Sales Tax and to accrue the sales tax liability (if applicable).

The Primary Issue that Requires a Trick: If you need all or some of the tracking and calculating benefits of 2 through 4 above, but you do not want the customer to see the detail, there is no print setting to hide the data from your Customer. For example, a construction company may quote a flat rate amount to install a new door. They want the Customer to see only a single line that reads, “Replaced Door” that includes the quoted price. However, for internal reporting and for inventory tracking the company needs to include all the Inventory parts used to replace the door as well as the number of hours worked.

Click here for a full PDF with the entire Tip presented in steps with screen shots.

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of 10 tips on improving your productivity in QuickBooks. A new tip will be posted each Wednesday on Intuit® Accountants News Central under “Ways to Be More Productive.”