When To Hire Your First CPA Firm Employee

These days it seems that everyone is focused on jobs, and the last few weeks have been no exception. President Obama went to facebook to help launch the Startup America Partnership … the Small Business Administration celebrated National Small Business week … Intuit announced it is offering $1 Million in hiring grants via lovealocalbusiness.com … and This American Life devoted a whole show on the topic called “How to Create a Job.”

I’ll admit that even I have been overly focused on it lately. I spent the bulk of my time working on a new small business website, Intuit Guide to Hiring, a site rich in resources to help small business owners and entrepreneurs hire their first employee.

When doing research for the site, I found a range of impressive data about how many employees are hired and jobs are created by small businesses (that could be another blog post on its own). But one day, while watching this video of Rhonda Abrams, she was talking about the sense of pride you feel when creating a job and hiring an employee, and I heard her voice crack. That’s when the bell went off, for me! Hiring your first employee is a significant milestone in the life of a small business. So, I started hunting for more stories, advice and tips from small business owners about hiring their first employee.

I may have read 100s of blog posts on hiring your first employee. Here are some of the best posts I found:

  • Megan Auman of CraftMBA wrote a great post in which she documents the process she used when deciding just the right time to hire her first employee.
  • In this post, David Alison of SharedStatus, shares his personal thoughts about reaching the milestone of hiring his first employee and the satisfaction of knowing his business is creating jobs for people.
  • “This person helps set the culture of the company,” says Jason Cohen in his unorthodox, but helpful Hiring Employee #1 blog post.
  • In his post, John Howell suggests emulating the companies on Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For list when you decide to hire employees.
  • Possibly my favorite post is from Noah Stokes; it not only tells the story of hiring the first employee, but celebrates it too! Be sure to have your speakers turned up and watch to the end.

Do you have a story, advice, or tips to share from when you hired your first employee?

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