Hiring For Success

The LedgerDocs team recently attended the IPBC’s wonderful bookkeeping conference. As the conference ended, one question was on the bookkeepers' minds: How do you hire for success? We decided to pool together our thoughts on the topic, based on our experiences with hiring for LedgersOnline and LedgerDocs.

Hiring for success is equally important, whether you run a small firm or a team of employees. LedgerDocs CEO, Wayne Zielke, sees hiring as his most important task and has spent years perfecting his approach to it. Successful hires have been willing to learn and develop new skills, allowing him to grow his business alongside.

Choosing the correct channel to advertise your role is essential. While LinkedIn and Monster provide effective platforms for this, we tend to use Indeed, as it allows you to set your budget on ads and the site gets high traffic. Above all, patience and proactivity is required when advertising an open role in your firm.

The interview process is your chance to learn whether a potential employee is a good fit. At LedgerDocs, we start with a phone interview to assess their qualifications. The next round is held at our office, giving us the opportunity to test a candidate’s knowledge and understand their personality better. If you are hiring a bookkeeper, you may want to give them a short test to ascertain their skill levels. The final round should be focused on culture fit, whether this candidate would work well with colleagues and with customers.

Finally, you might want to hire a remote employee. Remote employees can be a huge asset, but when hiring one, it’s best to look for someone with prior experience working remotely. Working from home requires a degree of self-discipline that not every potential hire has. Remote employees should also have the same access to tech support and other company resources, such as weekly Skype calls. Apps such as our own cloud-based application, LedgerDocs, help remote bookkeepers manage client documents and collaborate with colleagues and clients.

The practice of growing your team is not for the faint hearted. However, by surrounding yourself with a team of A-players, you are investing in the future success of your firm.