Hot Apps to Help Run Your Accounting Practice

Hot Apps to Help Run Your Accounting Practice

There are thousands of apps and cloud-based tools that can do everything from manage your projects to manage your staff. However, not all are created equally – or integrate with your favorite tools. Which ones will help give your accounting company an organizational boost? Here’s a roundup of some of the hottest apps to use in 2017, in order to keep your business running smoothly:

Staff and Time Management:

QuickBooks Time

Updating timesheets from multiple employees and devices is a tedious task. With QuickBooks Time, you can track your timesheets from any device no matter where you’re located. There’s also no need to chase down employees for their handwritten time cards. You can check them in the cloud and approve them, or send back for comments.


Harvest’s simple, clean and intuitive interface simplifies the time-tracking process. The app lets you easily process and pay invoices right from Harvest, and connect the tools you already use to help run your business. For example, Harvest syncs up with QuickBooks® to help run accounting functions, and is compatible with non-accounting apps, such as BaseCamp, to help manage projects.

Capacity Planning:


Prentice Hall reported that 65 percent of the population consists of visual learners, so skip the static spreadsheets and go straight to the visual apps that support your business. Trello helps with capacity planning and offers plenty of options for visual learners. For example, users can create planning boards and cards, which they can attach photos and videos to, to help streamline collaboration and organize your business.


Escape the grind of working in a silo and unify your team online with Karbon. Emails and tasks are assigned in a central location, making it easy to work on the moving parts of your capacity planning among multiple employees. Get new team members up to date quickly from Karbon’s organized interface, and keep everyone on the same page without the exchange of dozens of emails and phone calls.



Manage and engage potential, current and former customers by staying plugged into their social media channels. Use HubSpot to schedule out your Facebook and Twitter posts, and create a listening stream to see what your clients need most, or what their pain points are, to help inform your next service offering. Access reports on the go to analyze which marketing campaigns are working the best, as visitors go from engaged Twitter follower, to lead, to paying customer.


From leads to vendors, Insightly’s CRM app shows your entire email history, events and any upcoming business opportunities to circle back to. The app helps eliminate the guesswork in hunting down client emails and social media profiles to find the info you need. It also comes with a project management tool to track activity and milestone performance. assists in closing more deals with a central, easy-to-read central workflow, with no manual data entry required. Make and receive calls right from the app, and pull up sent and received emails that are automatically tracked for performance. Unlike other CRM tools, your team can mix and match plans and switch as their projects and leads scale.

Project and Task Management:


Asana grew out of Facebook’s headquarters when its co-founder and an engineer built it as an internal app to manage projects around the office. Asana focuses on clarity and transparency to keep projects organized, so that teams can focus without any tension over who is doing what. Tasks can be assigned to multiple people, update team members with any changes and give alerts for due dates.


Evernote’s freemium app is a straightforward, simple tool to keep track of your notes, links and ideas, whether you’re using your mobile device or laptop. Their premium feature allows quick scanning of customer business cards, with Evernote’s camera, and stores for later use, and can pull in additional profile details from LinkedIn.

Google Keep

The Google Keep note-taking platform keeps your notes and thoughts organized across multiple devices. Keep can also transcribe text directly from photographs, making it simple to scan and translate a business card. And, when you’re on the go or in a meeting, just speak your idea directly into Google Keep to access later, when you’re ready to dig into your work.