How 24hr Bookkeeper Became a Firm of the Future

Karine shares her firm's journey from servicing QuickBooks Desktop clients to now only servicing QuickBooks Online clients and how this transition positioned her firm for growth and success.

I'm Karine Woodman, and I'm the owner of 24hr Bookkeeper.

We're located in small-town USA, Hibbing, Minnesota, and we service clients all over the nation.

So we are a cloud-based firm, and we provide bookkeeping, payroll, QuickBooks services, and third-party integration for construction companies, and we don't service clients if they're not on QuickBooks Online.

This is the new projects. This is everything.

So when I started my practice, we were servicing clients with QuickBooks Desktop.

It's just more difficult. It's harder. We're a little bit more stressed out about it because there's some restrictions within the software remotely, and then once I learned more about QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant, it was a no-brainer because we have all these extra tools.

We can move transactions around, you can toggle back and forth between clients,

I can manage my clients through subscriptions through QBOA, and it's all within the online software.

So we work with clients that are local, and we also have clients that are nationwide, and those that are not local, we actually work with them via video screen sharing, just as if we were side by side with them.

Knowing the software does a lot of things for me. We understand the output of the information that we're putting in there, and that's the value of being an expert.

We really have the opportunity to create what we want and work with the clients that we want and the clients that want to work with us, so I feel like we're kind of lucky.

It's exciting what we do. We really get to create the future that we want, and that's because of the tools that are available and just being strictly cloud-based.