How Becoming an App Expert Helps Karine to Serve a Niche Industry

Karine talks with third party app developers and positions 24hr Bookkeeper to help support their customers that use QuickBooks Online. This works well because she can be the expert that bridges QuickBooks Online with third party software specific to the construction industry.

You know I tell people, sure, we provide bookkeeping services.

We can help you with your payroll and your QuickBooks Online, write checks and things like that, but we're more than that. We actually provide solutions to simplify workflows.

If I had to share my secret sauce on getting clients, I would say that I am really big on collaborating with other companies.

I really like the fact that Intuit is a platform.

There's a lot of companies that integrate with QuickBooks, and so talking to those companies with their software and saying, “You have a customer base. If you need QuickBooks support for those customers, you know, let us know and we can help them.”

And because we're in a specific industry, the construction industry, that's worked out really well.

And so when we partner together, we're really accomplishing one goal and that's to do the right thing for the client, and we just happen to have the tools to do that.