How Intuit Thrive Benefitted My Practice

On Sunday, Nov. 20, I was up bright and early, as it was first day of Intuit® Thrive and I was raring to get down to the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, where the conference was being hosted.

I was all hooked up with the Thrive app on my phone, an app Intuit developed just for Thrive this year – smart idea!

For those of you who are not aware of Thrive, it is a three-day event, hosted by Intuit Canada, for accountants and bookkeepers to come together for a unique networking and educational experience.

This year, I can say that Intuit pulled out all the stops. From the moment I arrived at the Thrive event, I knew it was going to be a ‘happening’ place to be for the next three days. Upon arriving and registering, I was given my first awesome ‘swag’ of the day – Intuit gloves – perfect for this Toronto weather!

Then, it was time for me to make a beeline for breakfast and select from the scrumptious spread that the hotel had put on. The food throughout the day just got better and better – by the time dinner rolled around, I was sure my waistline had expanded from the breakfast, lunch and dessert spreads throughout the day. Turns out, I did not have to worry because on Sunday evening, I burned off any calories consumed during the day by partying to the music of the amazing band Alan Doyle & the Beautiful Gypsies. I had so much fun meeting with other accountants and bookkeepers, and finally connecting with my followers from social media, whom I had not met in person yet – great times had by all!

I was particularly engaged listening to Thrive guest speaker Arlene Dickinson. I felt a kindred spirit connection, as we were both born in South Africa. She had me laughing so hard at times, and, at other times, with moist eyes listening to some of her struggles. All in all, she was an inspiration. Thank you Intuit for having Arlene as one of the speakers!

Meeting app partners, including as TSheets, Hubdoc, Plooto, Receipt Bank, Jobber, LedgerDocs, Wagepoint and Fathom, and learning how their apps integrate with QuickBooks® Online, was one of the main reasons I attended Thrive, and I was not disappointed. I am so pumped to get going with these app partners!  And, yes, these app partners had awesome swag as giveaways, too.

Having the opportunity to choose from events to sit in and learn during the three days was educational and informative. Thanks to the Thrive app, I never missed any sessions I signed up for, as the app sent me reminders – pretty cool.

Another reason I was glad I attended was that the session gave us a sneak preview of upcoming improvements for QuickBooks Online, and there was also a presentation on the new features included in QuickBooks Desktop 2017. I approached a group of Intuit managers to have a heartfelt discussion on what I would like to see improved, or included in, QuickBooks Online. I thought they might want to run and hide when they saw me approaching, but that did not happen, and they happily listened to my suggestions.

Another reason to attend Thrive – this is the place to meet Intuit leaders and spend time connecting with them.

The icing on the cake was getting up close and personal with the Stanley Cup at the Hockey Hall of Fame, where Intuit hosted a cocktail reception. Wonder how Intuit is going to top that next year!

Until then – thanks Intuit! You sure know how to host an event!