How Moving to the Cloud Can Delight Your Clients

Kim shares a number of benefits to running your business in the cloud. Sometimes it can take a few conversations with a client for them to grasp the power of QuickBooks Online, but when they do, they are "very happy people!"

It's nearly unbelievable to clients that it can be so much easier.

I am Kim Hornsby, founder and CEO of Singletrack Bookkeeping.

We provide automated cloud accounting for small businesses in resort towns and in the travel and adventure industry, and this includes Wheels, a small local bike shop.

Once a client sees the value of the cloud-- the amount of time, A, that it can save on data entry, B, the fact that you don't have to run flash drives all over town in order to transition your file, you don't have to stop working in your file because your accountant is working in your file-- those kinds of things really blew people away when we first introduced them to it.

So they're coming to us, and they're asking for help to take the next step, QuickBooks Online, with an integration to a point-of-sale or an integration to a practice management or a CRM system or something like that.

We can make it so much easier than how you're operating today, and sometimes it takes a couple conversations for people to truly get it, and when they do, they're very, very happy people, that's for sure.