How Scaling New Heights Helps Me Grow My Practice

For most of us, our first assumption of any accounting conference is those long, drawn-out monotone lectures about debits and credits, and to make sure that you get your CPE. Well, that is not Scaling New Heights, NOT even close!

Sure, we all go to Scaling New Heights (SNH) for the training and advancement of ourselves, our team and our clients – BUT, it’s all the extras that will blow you away! SNH will exceed every expectation that you could have ever had, and here’s why.

It’s those unexpected and potentially life-changing connections, and impactful keynote speakers, that make the conference so special. It’s also the third party apps, interacting with Intuit® Executives, targeted training sessions and certification training, not to mention the one-on-one mentorship opportunities, friendships and life lessons from consultants that have been there that put SNH over the top. Oh, and did I mention that it is in the Bahamas this year?

While you envision paradise, let me tell you what SNH has done for me personally. Since my very first conference, I have made friends and colleagues that I could bounce ideas off of when I encountered something for the first time, be it with a client or with a team member. It is these experiences that provide me a support network across the country that I can call on.

Meeting, talking with and learning from great leaders that are on stage is not something that we could ever do on our own. I am especially looking forward to meeting a SHARK this year in the Bahamas. In case you haven’t been clued in, Daymond John from Shark Tank will be there. What a treat!

Then, there are the real business perks. With QuickBooks® and my clients being the center of my world, I love to learn how to add on to that with all of the third party apps and talking with vendors face to face. Being able to look at someone and talk with them about their product can do a lot for you – you can see the passion for the product when you are talking with them, you can talk with others that have used their product, and get the good, the bad and the ugly on the product, not just what the sales sheets have to say.

Talking with Intuit staff is great, but talking with an Intuit staff member that has a direct impact on the specific part of the product that you have passion for is amazing. It is a great feeling knowing that you can look at a client and tell them that you know the person that is in charge of that at Intuit, and can can ping them and give the feedback to the right person. Running into Brad Smith and him remembering who you are … well, there is nothing better (Okay, maybe the selfie with him).

Training certifications from the consultants who either wrote the material or were instrumental in the training material is like learning from Yoda himself.

How do you … have you ever … how have you handled – these are all phrases that I hear throughout the halls of each and every SNH. We have such an open and welcoming community; sharing how to make it all better for all of us is a motto that we all subscribe to. We all know there is enough work for all of us and we aspire to help one another.

So, get your passport ready. After all, it is in the Bahamas! Maybe bring the family. Come one, come all, and experience a life-changing event. You won’t be disappointed.

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