How the Cloud Makes Client Onboarding a Breeze for Accounting Firms

How the Cloud Makes Client Onboarding a Breeze for Accounting Firms

A lousy client onboarding experience can make clients feel less confident about working with your firm, lead them to think they came to the wrong decision, and ultimately cause them to leave. A great client onboarding experience, on the other hand, leads to loyal clients who communicate better and are generally happier. 

As you welcome new clients to your practice, you have the opportunity to start on the right foot and make a great first impression. It’s the time to address concerns and get new clients up to speed. To gain client trust, you need to impress them and strengthen their belief that they made the right decision. 

Optimizing the Client Onboarding Process 

One thing that all successful accounting firms have in common is a short onboarding time. Traditionally, the process of bringing on a new client is a long one. When it comes to client onboarding, building trust does not happen overnight. In fact, it can take weeks or even months. 

But, while most traditional accounting firms take as long as 90 days, progressive firms can complete onboarding in less than 30 days. 


As an accountant, your services are more comfortable in selling to a technologically literate market. And, because most businesses are keen to keep pace, they probably already know about the cloud and its benefits. If you’re dealing with clients whose business aligns with your firm by leveraging technology to remain competitive then client onboarding should be a breeze.  

Develop Onboarding Training 

It starts with listing the programs and apps you intend to use to get your work done and manage clients. What are the primary services you provide for clients? What apps do you use to deliver those services? For example, do you use Practice Ignition to help draft proposals, allowing you to sign more clients and get paid faster? Do you rely on SmartVault to securely share documents and give new clients peace of mind? We certainly do.

By choosing only the most crucial technologies, you avoid overwhelming your clients. After all, your goal is to educate them and instill confidence. For this reason, you should also be critical of the applications in your toolset; they should be designed for easy implementation. Set up should be quick. 

Remember, your first meeting is your opportunity to make a lasting impression and lay the foundation for a long-term relationship. It’s ideal to have a standard set of questions to help you get to the root of their needs and expectations. In other words, it’s crucial to identify their specific concerns. 

By working in the cloud, you’re in a better position to guarantee your clients that you are the solution to their problems. Clients want to be assured that the accounting firm they work with values business growth. The fact that your firm leverages technology to be more efficient and deliver excellent service proves you are progressive and innovative. 

Ultimately, clients are keen on establishing long-term relationships with partners who align with their vision of success.