How to Make Your CPA or Bookkeeping Office Green

How to Make Your CPA or Bookkeeping Office Green

Here is your chance to be a real-life superhero. You will even have fans and be recognized as someone who saves lives! (Maybe not save lives, but potentially!) Make your office GREEN and create less physical waste for our planet. This is a growing problem that needs some serious watering.

But on a serious note, a green office is really something to pursue. This will not only affect your PR, but also the culture within your company. It is about being a good steward of our planet and putting in a little extra effort to keep waste at a minimum. Creating a green culture will communicate to your coworkers and employees that you genuinely care about more than the financials of the company. But, speaking of financials, becoming green will do more than just preserve waste outside of the office; it will save you money inside of it too: less waste = less paper = less cost = more savings! Think of it as going to the gym and getting lean. It takes a bit of work at first, but once you make it a habit, it becomes something you’re proud of.

Here are some steps to get started:

  • Get scanners in your office to promote less paper floating around the office
  • Read off your computer screen rather than printing out copies
  • Recycle all paper that needs disposal
  • Remove or limit the printers in your office
  • Set your default printer to .PDF
  • Preach the benefits of being Green to your office to give them ownership of this new direction

Every time you pass a tree, take a good look at it. You may just have saved its cousin!

Lesson:  Make changes in your workplace that are in line with today’s needs. These may seem like simple actions, but it is the little steps that will help us on our way to having a green environment.