How to Manage Books and Tax the ProAdvisor Way

Kim finds it immensely valuable to be a "one stop financial shop" for her clients, so that she can advise based on the "whole picture" of their business. Kim finds that most people want one firm to handle their books and taxes, so she relies on ProConnect Tax Online to streamline this process.

We've had many, many clients come to us and say, "We definitely want to sign up for this next year."

I am Kim Hornsby, Founder and CEO of Singletrack Bookkeeping.

We provide automated cloud accounting for small businesses in resort towns and in the travel and adventure industry.

And this includes Wheels, a small local bike shop.

Using ProConnect Tax Online, we really see the future in a complete bundle of accounting services.

So there is no longer any stress associated with transitioning the bookkeeping information over to the tax preparation information.

We have 98% of the information we need to transition directly from bookkeeping to tax returns because of QuickBooks Online.

If you only have a piece of the picture, you just can't advise on the holistic nature of someone's situation.

Now, our team has the full picture and we can put all those pieces together.

When I look at Wheels Bike Shop, when they had separate accountants working on tax returns, it always felt like there was a distance.

So now that we've pulled that in house and we're preparing the tax returns for Chris, now it's a much closer relationship and it's a much more seamless process than it was prior.

The end result becomes really a global perspective on someone's financial path.

So, it's "one-stop financial shop" where one email, one phone call, to one single team really covers all of those financial questions and issues that he may have.

I would now consider ProConnect Tax Online to be part of our path and our vision forward.