How to Onboard Clients for Success and Efficiency

Karine shares how keeping her process and interactions with her clients very scheduled and systematic allows her take on more clients. She trains her clients to work efficiently within her firm's processes.

I kind of have the best job because I get to be an entrepreneur in everybody else's business.

I'm Karine Woodman and I'm the Owner of 24hr Bookkeeper.

We're located in small-town USA, Hibbing, Minnesota. And we service clients all over the nation.

So when we work with new clients, I'd say we're extremely structured.

So we don't start anything without having a plan in place. And we're very specific, so the client knows what the expectation is and we know what the expectation is.

Because we do that, we actually can take on more clients, because we're very specific and scheduled.

“Did you get the email that I sent you about the tentative schedule for Thursday?”

We try to train our clients to work efficiently with us and it falls into different areas.

So it's efficiency in the way they provide us information, it's efficiency in the way they do their business, provides efficiency in the collaboration of working together and just the overall process of having a business.

We don't want to just keep fixing the problem, over and over and over again. If we see a problem, we will bring it to the client's attention that this area needs to improve or it needs to get better, so we teach them.

If my client doesn't need me, to me, that's a definition of success. That means I've put the right systems in place, where they can focus where they need to focus.