How to Scale and Manage Your Practice with QuickBooks Online Accountant

Thanks to the features in QuickBooks Online Accountant that allow them to leverage the productivity of their virtual team, Jessica and Greg Daley now work "on the businesses" and less "in the business."

The QBOA platform is the only way that we could have done this.

- My name's Greg Daley.

- And I'm Jessica Daley. And we are the co-owners of Xcelerate Business Solutions, a cloud based accounting firm, here in Fort Collins.

- We love working with small businesses, but

- We realize that we love working with the churches.

- We realized early on that if the business was tied to Jess's capacity, then we would be a really small company. It wouldn't be scalable.

- I was bursting at the seams with 12 clients.

- One, two, three, four.

- QBOA actually allows us to be more working on the business, than in it, and primarily the day to day operations of the accounting is done by our team. And now we're a team of 13, but she really had to give authority to these team members. And we started process mapping everything in our company, so with each one of our clients as soon as they become a client, they get a document, and we start actually, laying out everything that we do, and getting all the systems in place, and really getting it very efficient.

And our desire from the beginning was to actually replace both of ourselves.

That's why our job now is really thinking a lot on the business, and business development.

Without a virtual platform that's robust enough, we wouldn't be able to manage our practice in that way.