How to talk with clients about software solutions for increasing business complexity

How to talk with clients about software solutions for increasing business complexity

We’re all adjusting to a business landscape changed by the coronavirus, so the remainder of this year and beyond presents accountants with unique opportunities to help clients make important and informed business decisions. We all want to help our clients be well positioned for the future.

Now may be the perfect time to advise increasingly complex businesses to use the most enhanced, automated, and flexible QuickBooks® Online software to date: QuickBooks Online Advanced.

Below is a “call script” you may find helpful when thinking through how best to approach clients about moving to Advanced to better manage their work.

To see a quick overview of Advanced specifically for accountants, watch the video below and take a test drive here.

Call script

Accountant: These are challenging times. But, even before this, you had a growing business and I know you have had challenges in the past with how you are tracking things in your accounting system. You have many moving parts that need to get more done more efficiently.

Client: Yes. It would be useful to have a few ways to manage my business better. Sometimes I feel it is getting out of control. Do you have some ideas?

Accountant: Good news is that there are products with features designed for the growing needs of a mid-market business like yours. For example, I know you have wanted to give users access to all the information they need to do their job without having full access to all your sensitive information. Also, you need greater oversight, more metrics, and ways of tagging things in transactions. And, we have some ideas on reporting that would be nice to have.

Client: Well, yes, those would be nice to have. What about operations? Is there something you think can help?

Accountant: Absolutely. There are tools today that help you automate workflow to get more done with less room for error. There are also controls to delegate work securely, putting the right information in the right hands by customizing user access permissions.

Client: Those are all great thoughts. Is there anything that provides more control over my information?

Accountant: Again, yes. There are now ways to ensure your data is automatically backed up and you are able to restore previous backups from different time periods.

Client: This is great to hear. What about the metrics and reporting you talked about earlier?

Accountant: You will be able to make better business decisions, with more ways, more fields to track information, and with deeper insights from smart reporting.

Editor’s note: Want to watch this conversation in action? You’re in luck. See author Mario Nowogrodzki and QB Power Hour host Dan DeLong walk through this call scenario together on either the web archive or on YouTube below. If you’re on the go, access the podcast.