How to Use Client Meetings to Get More Business

How to Use Client Meetings to Get More Business

One of the best opportunities to get more business is when you are in front of your clients. Many people are too afraid to ask, but the worst they will say is, “No.” If you are doing a good job and have established a good rapport with your client, they will be highly likely to refer someone to you. The thing is that you can’t wait and hope that they will just hand over their contact list to you; you have to ask.

There are several ways in which you can do this effectively and leave your next client meeting with a new client.

Check In

The current project you are working on is number one to your client. Make sure all outstanding issues have been discussed, find out if there is anything else they are requesting and discuss any upcoming changes or deadlines.

Be a Good Listener

Find out more about their business. Show them that you are focusing on them, something they’ll really appreciate it. Put your phone down and take notes by hand. Ask detailed questions to show that you are paying attention. If you know people in their line of work, mention them. Keep the conversation upbeat and positive.

Ask for References

When your project is going well, and everyone is happy, be sure to ask for a testimonial. There is no reason to wait! Most of the time, customers are more than happy to help. You can put these on your website, or on your marketing materials.

Grow the Relationship

Find them on social media, friend request them and engage. Keep in mind that when posting on social media, they will see everything, so keep it upbeat, positive, and avoid religion and politics. If they see you doing good work on a different level, they’ll build trust in you. Make sure you have a monthly newsletter to keep you fresh in their minds.

Invest in Your Client

Come bearing gifts, such as a plate of fresh cookies. Be open to donating to their favorite cause. Patronize their business and refer business back to them!

Make it Easy

Tell your client exactly who you are looking to work with. Chances are, they will think of someone they know, or a problem they are having, when you discuss what you are doing to grow your business.

Brag About Yourself

Your client knows some of the things you offer. You don’t have to be obnoxious, but you should tell people what else you have accomplished and what you specialize in beyond their project with you. Self-promotion is not a bad thing, but many of us don’t want to brag. Not only does it build your credibility, but they also will think of you when they have a problem that they need help with. For example, they might not know that you specialize in inventory.

End Positively

Thank them for their time. Remind them about your win-win partnership, where you can refer each other business. Leave business cards behind and grab a stack yourself. Deliver on everything you promised! After the meeting, when someone comes to mind that could benefit from your client’s services, drop them a quick email introducing them.

Client meetings can bring about so many different things. Make sure it’s give and take. You want the client to feel like their time has been productive, and that you are concerned about their business. At the same time, be sure to discuss other services or products you offer. Clients are happy to help you grow your business, so do not be afraid to ask! Remember, they may not have anyone in mind today, but they may in the future.