How Working on the Cloud is Liberating for Accountants and Their Clients

I got on the cloud and I have definitely taken the leap of becoming an advisor for my clients. I was born in a family of 6 children. My mom owned a chain of restaurants. She would teach even her employees that they can be more than just make tacos. They can actually own their own businesses. My mom raised me like that, and I feel like I want to continually take care of my clients. Kind of that therapy session from an advisor that they look up to.

I felt like I can really help them by helping, by exposing them to all of these efficiencies are out there. All of the integrations are out there. Every client that I onboard already knows they're going to be 100% cloud based. I think it's really about starting with one client at a time. Being successful with that client, and then telling that story to your other clients. Some clients are really excited about it, and there's other clients that they need baby steps. You need to walk them through everything you're doing. I bring in a lot of that, you know, you can do it. I inspire them.


Our clients are all online. It's just amazing just to watch how it's changing lives. I just get so excited when I get to talk to the clients and explain that to them, and hear that sigh of relief on the phone when I tell them I found them a solution. One story that I love is I had a plumber that came to me and he had a guy out in the field. He was handwriting everything.

Every Sunday he sits down and he has to go in and reenter all of that stuff into Quickbooks desktop. We were able to move him to Quickbooks online. He now has thanked me over, and over, and over again about now having those 6 hours he was spending every Sunday entering data into Quickbooks, now he gets to spend it with his 5 kids.


I got onto Quickbooks online very quickly. Adopted that, and have been trying to share, I think the passion and the joy of what all Quickbooks online can do for businesses ever since. I'm 100% virtual and 100% QBL. The thing about getting the data in there, the sooner you can get data into your accounting system and convert it into information, the sooner you can respond to anything that is happening in your business.

I think that is a huge thing where book keepers and accountants, they can be helping businesses, and helping see these things that could be impacting their business and telling them more quickly, then say at the end of the year or something. Where they are already out of money, or whatever the issue is.