HR Tactics for Hiring QuickBooks Professionals

Here’s an HR tool QuickBooks® professionals can customize and share with each client. When interview time comes around, you can help evaluate the technical competence of each candidate so the client can make a smart hiring decision.

A common nice-to-have item for many small business owners is a set of up-to-date job descriptions for each position in their company. I am always surprised when I am hired by an accounting firm and discover that their job descriptions are out of date or nonexistent. You’re not alone if you don’t have them, but you owe it to your employees to develop them.

A job description is not just something to be filed away in a procedures manual. It should drive your employees’ accountability and be a roadmap for job performance in your organization. Once you have an accurate and complete job description, you can derive two other useful documents: a bank of job interview questions and the employee performance appraisal.

From each job description component, you can create questions that you can ask to ensure new applicants have the technical and behavioral skills you’re looking for to get the job done. You can also create a performance evaluation form from the job description, listing the duties and assigning weights to the importance of the item that will be used in the appraisal process.

Here’s the real time-saver: we’ve done all this for you for the entire QuickBooks software line. You’ll find three sample forms, the Job Description, Interview Questions, and Performance Evaluation, tailored specifically for each QuickBooks product, that you can use right away in your small business. Click on the links below to download the files.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

  1. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Bookkeeper Job Description
  2. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Bookkeeper Job Interview Questions
  3. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Bookkeeper Performance Evaluation

QuickBooks Premier

  1. QuickBooks Premier Bookkeeper Job Description
  2. QuickBooks Premier Bookkeeper Job Interview Questions
  3. QuickBooks Premier Bookkeeper Performance Evaluation

QuickBooks for Mac

  1. QuickBooks for Mac Bookkeeper Job Description
  2. QuickBooks for Mac Bookkeeper Job Interview Questions
  3. QuickBooks for Mac Bookkeeper Performance Evaluation

QuickBooks Online

  1. QuickBooks Online Bookkeeper Job Description
  2. QuickBooks Online Bookkeeper Job Interview Questions
  3. QuickBooks Online Bookkeeper Performance Evaluation

When these three forms are designed together, then you have greater alignment in hiring, employee expectation, and job performance, boosting employee productivity and avoiding costly mismatches. The big payoff is that the employee feels more in control and understands what is expected of them; this alone is one of the number one job satisfaction boosters there is.

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