ICBUSA Benefits Offered to U.S. QuickBooks ProAdvisor Bookkeepers

In his keynote address today at Scaling New Heights 2016, Luis Sanchez, director of marketing, Intuit’s® Accountant Segment, announced a new benefit from ICBUSA, exclusively for U.S. QuickBooks® ProAdvisors,® that gives them the opportunity to enhance their bookkeeping skills and stature to become even more of a trusted advisor to their small business clients. 

The exclusive ICBUSA benefits for ProAdvisors are:

  • A 50% Discount on Fees: QuickBooks ProAdvisors receive 50% off ICBUSA application fees, membership fees and assessment fees, all the way from Student Level up to, and including, the Member Level*.
  • Move Up the ICB Levels: Additionally, ProAdvisors who are QuickBooks Certified or Advanced QuickBooks Certified receive additional benefits, allowing them to “fast track” their membership level. This saves valuable time and money.

ProAdvisors can sign up for these exclusive benefits here.

“We are very excited to add this exclusive additional benefit for our valued QuickBooks ProAdvisors in the U.S. who are bookkeepers,” said Jim McGinnis. “ICBUSA is a respected organization that works to elevate the knowledge and stature of bookkeepers. We see ICBUSA as one of the best places for bookkeepers to not only learn the skills they need to help clients be more successful, but also the place to prove they have those skills. Giving our U.S. QuickBooks ProAdvisors valuable discounts on ICBUSA application, membership and assessment exam fees helps them add another layer of credibility, in addition to gaining valuable education and support to keep increasing their bookkeeping knowledge and skillsets.”

ICBUSA, which is part of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, a global member organization, helps bookkeepers be successful by providing the following key benefits:

  • Independent Bookkeeping Certifications: Passing the rigorous certification exams demonstrates that members have achieved the highest educational standards that clients or employers require.
  • Technology Knowledge: Ensures members keep up with all the advantages offered by new technology in the profession.
  • Support & Community: ICBUSA is a professional body that supports and embraces the new community of bookkeepers.
  • Business and Career Development: Members can access tools, content and third-party solutions to advance their careers and help their businesses grow.

“We are delighted to welcome U.S. QuickBooks ProAdvisors into the ICBUSA family,” said Jan Haugo, CEO of ICBUSA. “Changing technology is revolutionizing the accounting profession, with huge advantages to be gained from embracing the new opportunities it provides. ICBUSA Members enjoy a whole host of benefits designed to help them continue advancing their bookkeeping skills and technological knowledge, and prove it to prospective and current clients and employers. Plus, ProAdvisors will love the fact that their existing QuickBooks Certifications help them gain advanced entry into ICBUSA membership levels, as compared to a bookkeeper that is not QuickBooks Certified. ICBUSA’s mission is to hold the profession up to the educational and technological standards required of it, and we love that we are able to give the U.S. QuickBooks ProAdvisors a leg up in the process. It’s an exciting road ahead for all of us, as we work together to redevelop the American bookkeeper.”

ICB Member and Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor Cathy Iconis, FICB, says, “While I am a CPA, the heart of what I do is bookkeeping. I joined ICBUSA because it promotes the bookkeeping profession and increases awareness around the quality of work that should be expected from bookkeepers. In order to be a truly good bookkeeper, you need a great education and years of qualified experience.”

Patty Carson, FICB, also a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, joined ICBUSA for similar reasons. “I joined ICBUSA because I wanted to be a part of an international organization that promotes the importance of bookkeepers everywhere,” Carson said. “ICBUSA gives members the foundation to be great bookkeepers and technologists, and helps to let the business world know about these terrific bookkeepers.”

The exclusive ICBUSA benefits are valid for U.S. QuickBooks ProAdvisor members in good standing, who provide bookkeeping services to small business owners.

To sign up for this exclusive QuickBooks ProAdvisor offer, click here.

*Does not include Fellow level.